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  1. I'm a newbie to video trying to convert a Flash vector animation to mp4, for viewing on mobile.
    In various experiments, I've found the frame rates of MOVs exported from Flash don't correspond to the Flash frame rate (e.g. 24 fps in Flash becomes 13.89 fps in the MOV). Result is the animation is very jerky.
    To cut a long story short, for a smoother mp4, I've exported the MOVs to h.264 using Handbrake at higher framerates, like 24, 30 and 60 fps.
    A typical mp4 produced like this has the following properties (according to the QT player):
    - FPS: 60.00
    - File size: 3.48 MB
    - Data rate: 246.85 kbit/sec
    - Length: 00:01:58.55

    Newbie question: At a glance, can anyone tell me if those properties are within normal ranges for a video that will be placed on a dedicated webserver or a CDN? Is there some reference for "recommended" framerates and data rates?

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  2. Just a thought, have you considered using WebM?

    Free WebM coder here
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  3. Yes, I have converted the MOVs to webms using Avanti.
    They are slightly smaller than the mp4s.
    Opening them in Avanti I can see the properties - in the case of the above, it's 195 kb/s.
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