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  1. I think I got the right spot on the forum for this, if not, please accept my apology. I was approached by a guy at my church who heads the sporting department and I was asked about a big project he wants me to look into. It sounds like they would like to do this but also need it to be simple for them to operate and not require me (computer/network guy) every time they set up or need tech support. I have been told the budget is $4500. Here is what they want to do...

    They want to have 4 (Im thinking maybe GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition) cameras. 2 cameras for basketball hoops and 2 court cameras.
    They want to be able to to "hit a button" and switch from one camera to another instantly, and have the stream show that view as its switched. This would probably be an HDMI switch of some sort.
    They want to be able to stream live to anyone who is not able to make it to the game but still want to watch it
    They would like to be able to take this gear across the road to the baseball field and stream from there also, when they are doing softball games

    "Extras" on the wish list
    Be able to project game onto a big screen of sorts when at the baseball field
    Be able to insert ads for local businesses. Not video adds but just a picture/powerpoint type ad.

    "Extra" on the wish list where unicorns may be needed to accomplish
    Be able to do instant replays

    I know this is a lot and I am a computer/network guy, but some of this dabbles in areas that I am not familiar with. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Here is where I am now after much research and digging around. Help is still needed though...

    I think I am on the right track, but not entirely sure. So far this is what I got...
    * Ustream Producer Studio
    - Do users who want to watch, just go to Ustream and access the channel we are streaming on?
    - Can the Ustream feed be embedded into any website? For instance our church website perhaps.
    * Live broadcasting (pro silver) $99mth
    - Would be nice to be able to do this (streaming) without a monthly fee so Im open for any good free options. YouTube Live?
    - If I recall correctly Ustream Producer Studio is the software needed on the computer and Live Broadcasting Pro Silver is the streaming package. Is that correct?
    * 100ft. Blue Jeans BJC Series-1 HDMI cable
    -Will need about 4 of these (one for each camera)
    * Epson Home Cinema 730HD Projector
    * ASUS RT-AC68U Wireless Router
    - This should handle streaming media quite nicely and be able to reach across the street to the baseball field when they are streaming from there.
    - My thought is to get a directional indoor/outdoor patch antenna facing the church (hooked up to a USB wifi device that has an antenna attachment and supports AC) and that way they can use their broadband connection at the building to stream online.

    I was strongly considering the BlackMagic ATEM Television Studio. But I feel that may be something more "professional" than what we need. But I do have a question about some kind of switch like that though. If all 4 cameras plug into a switch like that and then at some point connect to the computer, will Ustream Producer be able to pick up those 4 cameras or would you be stuck having to use the BlackMagic, software? Keep in mind I need to make this as uber simple as possible.

    Am I on the right track?
    Any suggestions on hardware/software/general setup/etc.?

    Thanks again guys.
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  2. WOW! One week and no response? Not even a "hey new member welcome to the forum"? Glad I finally got it figured out on my own. Thanks for the help and the friendly welcome.
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    Hey, new member: welcome to the forum. You know, sometimes threads fall through the cracks. I'm on here almost all the time and I didn't see it (first time around). No need to get an attitude.

    So, if you "got it figured out", what did you go with? Have you tested it?

    I would have some suggestions, but it's probably too late for them by the sound of it...

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  4. Well I got until Sunday (tomorrow) to have the whole proposal together and I am thinking of sticking with what I have listed above. We have not ordered yet but they are looking to do it asap. Once I get all of the hardware I will be setting it up, making it as user friendly as possible, and making sure it all works as they would like it to work. So, me being the IT guy I am, I don't see any reason that all of this wouldn't do what they are looking to do, but I also know that when it comes to things like this, it almost never works out as you hope.

    I guess I am kind of looking for confirmation on if what I have configured is good and if it will work and maybe recommendations I should consider going with instead of something I currently have listed. Maybe there are pieces I have missing that I will need?

    Sorry about the attitude, not trying to make excuses, but I belong to many different types of forums and hold all forums to a level of what I have received on other forums. I also have been under a lot of stress from just all sorts of stuff, that no one cares to hear So please accept a sincere apology.
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