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  1. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to cut videos in position with VSDC. See I uploaded all my videos i wanna cut together (32 Vids), there now all in "Scene 0" - "Sprite 1". Now if I click on Video 1, i can see all my videos liend up each in its own layer & i sorta got a list of my videos one after another. Is there a way I can put them all on only one layer? That would make mixing the video parts up faster. For example if i want to put Vid 1 to 10 Seconds and then go on with Vid 20, which is way down the list, it takes me forever to find and for setting it into the right position its almost imposible.. Hope someone can help me with this, thx
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    Get a better editor. Maybe the free videopad video editor or windows movie maker.
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  3. aviutl is another free option
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  4. Yea thx, see i had videopad, and it worked really well but then they've changed their version so you can use the free version but not save your video in the common videoformats only in their own and there is no way to convert the video, but if you buy the program... && movie maker doesnt work for me, there's hardly anything you can do with it. but i dunnoh aviutl yet, i'm gonn check that out, thx anyway for your answers
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