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    As a young budding film maker my biggest frustration is how much equipment costs! To actually get your foot in the door is super difficult regardless of how talented you are.
    Which is why I find it so hard to hear how big a price is put on equipment only about 10 different parts. Haha
    In saying that, I recently bought a shoulder rig from the cine city for like $140 AU, which is barely anything compared to most rigs out there.

    Sure, some components are plastic, but the plastic is pretty durable, and the customer service is actually very good. I'm sure they would post out replacement parts at little cost.

    Has anyone else had good experiences with the more inexpensive gear on the market?

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    A word of caution: do you have insurance for your gear (particularly cam)? As I would hate to be in your shoes if the rig "fails" due to cheaper (inferior?) parts. Think about the replacement cost of cam worth hundreds if not thousands vs. the cost of the rig.

    Also, stability increases with rigidity and mass. Plastic is less on both counts. I'm not saying your choice was bad, just want you to thoroughly think about it all so you can be ready for any eventuality and can stand by your decision.

    Me, I went for a good quality used aluminum modular/foldable one that I found through (don't know what your equivalent of that is available in Australia). It cost $70US, and I thought it was a good choice at the time, but have since found that I could have gotten the equivalent new one for ~$50 on eBay. Hindsight: be more patient & use all your resources.

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