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  1. I actually never noticed this before until now.

    I been trying to find info on how to reduce this aliasing and the best I could find is reduce the strength, but by the time I reduce it low enough to be acceptable when it comes to the noticeable aliasing, its not doing its job so well anymore. Most things I could find were people with the same problem but no real solution and the threads were dead.

    I noticed HQDering thins lines a tad bit and I believe that's whats causing it is possibly that or from the masking.

    Is there a known way to stop this in HQDering?

    The aliasing is at times quite slight but its still noticeable and annoying. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. In other scenes its can be even more noticeable than this.




    Other than this aliasing its creating, the output is great and my favorite so far out of all the ones I tried.

    I been trying to give dehalo_alpha a chance even though I have always liked hqdering more, but it keeps all of a sudden telling me there is no function named expand. Probably because I updated AVISynth to 2.6 and masktools from 25 to 26 version so that I could use maa2. At least that's my guess since I was told expand is part of masktools. If there's a suggestion for fixing this I would like to try it as well. Can I have both masktools25 and masktools26 in the plugin directory at the same time? Id be surprised if it knew which one to use if that were the case.
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  2. Okay apparently its the deen in the .avsi file thats causing it. I changed the .avsi file from Deen("a3d",4,15,15,20 to Deen("a3d",1,9,9,2) and its reduced quite a bit while still reducing the halos a tad bit. When I made it Deen("a3d",1,3,3,0) It doesnt alias at all. The halos aren't removed as well but it doesnt alias so its the deen in the avsi file doing it.
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  3. Try to run something like maa() perhaps.
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  4. Originally Posted by Chief Mouse View Post
    Try to run something like maa() perhaps.
    I already have been.

    I solved it by reducing the strength of the deen that hqdering does.
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