I am trying to make DCP-o-matic work on DCP and got little confused about adding and removing files. I read the manual but looks like there are some unanswered questions. Someone pointed out already trying to add .mov file with multichannel audio. Please correct me if I am wrong.

- there's no way to remove audio track from imported .mov file in DCP-o-matic?
- separate mono wavs will be treated there as separate DCP tracks or part of multichannel one audio track?
- after flagging tracks as FL, FR, LFE etc. in Audition or Audacity the multichannel wav should be flagged appropriately in DCP-o-matic, or not?
- if Show Audio.. graph shows nothing at 4 out of 6 channels it means that they are not visible, mute, flagged improperly?

Probably someone solved all this and I would really appreciate some help.