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  1. Hi, i have old an american tail DVD but its in bad condition so i ordered new one from internet and when i recived it i tired to change language to Croatian but its unclickable in language menu so i cant select it so i ripped all vob and other files from my new dvd to my computer, can i somehow copy Crotian language from my old dvd to new one and then burn it to new disc because on new dvd croatian language is still in menu but it cant be selected (its probably deleted).

    Please reply.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry for my bad English.
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    You can use pgcdemux to demux the video and audio tracks from your dvds. Then remux/author the old video with new audio using muxman and last replace the new authored vob files to the original dvd with vobblanker. Click on the tools for some guide links.
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  3. So with this softwares i can copy croatian audio track to new DVD that dosent have croatian language but what will happen to main menu can i keep it or will it get deleted and will i then be able to select cro language in mamin menu or only using language button on remote control, and can i do smame for subtitles? btw on new dvd it always skips first menu (language menu) and takes me directly to main menu so i have to manually select language menu is there any fix for that?

    Sorry if i have too many questions but im new to this.
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