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  1. Hi friends

    I have a movie in a mkv container where the audio does not sync correctly with video. This unsync is more pronounced when using vlc and less in mpc-hc. Can some experts tell me why is this so and how to tweat the vlc & mpc-hc to sync them. Thanks

    PS Just found: MPC-HC at autdio switcher > audio time shift option set + / - ####ms
    In VLC use fast key J or K for backward & forward
    To permanently fix shift use Avidemux.

    Still appreciate comments.
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  2. More findings hoping to get some insight from gurus

    The unsync seems to somewhat inconsistent and always from vlc even with the last v215. The major point is why mpc-hc in most videos never have this unsync issue but in vlc seems to be occur most of the time. The end result i use mpc-hc more. Any insight to this.
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