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  1. There are two captured videos of the same footage but only when overlapping them at a certain time they can display the footage correctly. I work with Premiere CS5 and i want to join those two videos accordingly so that they create correctly the final video without gaps! Is there some tutorial i can see, so i can understand how this join can be made?
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  2. Thanx but i cant find tutorials on how to match overlapping videos etc. as in my case!
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  3. Match overlapping... well imagine there are two videos. One of them (named A) is 2min and the other (named B) is 4min.
    Video B is the continuity of A but the only issue is, that the beginning of B is not at the end of A, but at A's 1.5 min. So there are 0.5min of B contained in A. So i need to join A and B at their common point in order to join them flawlessly!
    Do i make sense?
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  4. put the clips on the timeline, use the slide tool, grab clip B, move it into clip A
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    Originally Posted by zoranb View Post
    I work with Premiere CS5....
    What you want is probably among the easiest premiere can do, and I am puzzled how you could not have figured it out sitting in front of it, hitting a button here and there and casually perusing F1 help. Premiere has a steep learning curve, but not too steep so as to still need a tutorial for this, IMHO. Simply plonk the two clips on two tracks V1 & V2, align them, roll back end of A to meet B start, push B clip onto V1, zoom maximum so that end of A fits to B start. Viola.
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