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  1. Hello.

    I am wondering if Aviutl will ever be updated to include the newest versions of x264GuiEX and x265GuiEX (especially this one, as older version is missing some things) and other things?

    Additionally, I know it's probably out of the question, but will we ever see a version of Aviutl x64? This software is excellent and very easy to use, and if one day we could see that, it would be probably a perfect tool.

    Thanks for all the work on this over the years!
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    Apologies if this question has already been answered earlier in the thread. As a complete noob to AviUtl I find myself coming back here a lot to check stuff, so I figured I'd make an account and try to actually ask a question.
    This video has a bunch of effects in it--I've figured out most of them through just poking around and downloading some extra plugins here and there, but the one I can't figure out is the part where the text sort of spreads out at about 1:45. I'm guessing it involves having 1char1obj checked and maybe adjusting the spacing but aside from that I have no clue. Is it a script thing?

    If anyone knows how to do this, I'd be super grateful.

    EDIT: Figured it out. It's 1char1obj checked with the Animation effect "Scale Coordinate" applied, with the X and Y center set to the center of the text and the Zoom being increased with midpoints/keyframes/whatever
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    Back a month later with another question in a dead thread...
    I think I turned off custom objects somehow? None of them are showing up anymore, no matter what project or scene they're in. Clearness is at 0, the layers are on, and the colors of the objects are ones that should be visible. There aren't any camera controls I genuinely don't know what I did wrong. Is there a box I need to check?

    edit: theyre back i dont know how
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