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    All I could find when searching for some help on this, is a little bit of info in the Easy, Affordable Editor For Mac? thread.
    Ai Haibara & Meritocracy had this to say about the AVIDemux 2.5.4 release

    Originally Posted by Ai Haibara
    ...although, as far as I've seen, there currently isn't a build of AVIDemux available that will work on OS X Lion.
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    Origanally Posted by Meritocracy
    To get AviDemux working on Lion:
    Select in finder, right click and show package contents.
    Delete the files libxml2.2.dylib and libiconv.2.dylib from the Contents/Resources/lib folder.

    The latest universal binary version available is 2.5.4.

    For anything newer than that, you'll have to build it yourself.
    Downloaded the 2.6.8 build and it just won't launch.
    Console spits out this:
    8/25/14 3:04:25 PM	[0x0-0x60f60f][61645]	/Users/blackmamba/Blackmamba_Apps/ line 3: 61648 Segmentation fault      $DIR/../Resources/bin/avidemux
    8/25/14 3:04:25 PM[259]	([0x0-0x60f60f][61645]) Exited with exit code: 139
    8/25/14 3:04:25 PM	ReportCrash[61649]	Saved crash report for sh[61648] version ??? (???) to /Users/blackmamba/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/sh_2014-08-25-150425_BlackMamba.crash
    I know Mac OS X 10.6.8 is really old, but I'm hoping AVIDemux won't launch because I need some new libraries and someone has done the leg work already and can tell me if it's even possible to run this build on Snow Leo.
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    Hey, I'm still running Snow Leopard on my Mac. Have some things that require Rosetta, and haven't seen too much reason to update, IMHO.

    I think I had a version that would work with Snow Leopard, at one point, but don't have it installed now, and don't remember what it was. You might try some of the older versions (in dmg images) in the old-version list on VideoHelp's Tools page for AVIDemux ( and see if they work for you. The earliest would be avidemux2_2.5.4_intel.dmg, I believe.

    Unfortunately, I don't have my Mac available at the moment, and can't test.
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