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  1. So i have downloaded some episodes of an anime and whenever the current episode ends and skips to the next,there doesn't seem to be any audio at all to the new episode. It will only appear back if i click at the progress bar at the bottom of the video to make it snap out. The program i am using is VLC player.

    EDIT 1: So apparently i made a mistake there, the audio being unresponsive does not apply when the new episode comes in, but it applies whenever the video skips from the opening theme/song to the act 1 (main video), and also whenever it skips from the act 2 to the ending theme/song,so it basically goes deaf on the starting of the main act and on the starting of the ending song. But it does not apply though when it skips from act 1 to act 2. And for some reason it seems like the opening, the acts, and the ending all are separate from each other, like they are parts of the video connecting all together:

    EDIT 2: I've located the openings and endings of the video,they are separate videos indeed:
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    Tried another video player? Like MPCHC, Potplayer.
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  3. Originally Posted by Baldrick View Post
    Tried another video player? Like MPCHC, Potplayer.
    Wow, it Was because of VLC after all, who could have guessed...i had issues in the past with this program but...i never thought it would bring up something like this. Why does it even have that many bugs? I can't help but wonder...thank you for your help!
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