Hi everyone,

Hoping I can pick the brains of the community to enable unrestricted playing/conversion of an .f4v file that I bought from Digital Theatre (http://www.digitaltheatre.com/) so I don't have to use their proprietary player (a fair use backup).

I bought a video from them, and it arrived in .f4v format, which is unreadable by all players. Once I open the Digital Theatre player, and click play for the show, the software says it is "checking DRM licence", and then the video plays fine.

It appears the file may be protected with Adobe Flash Access, but changing the extension to .mp4 doesn't work. I can't find any software to remove the DRM (losslessly or otherwise), but can anyone think of a way to get the licence key from the player (it works offline) and use that to decrypt the file? I'd be happy to offer any assistance if you think you can help! As a last resort, I am also able to stream the purchased video online after logging in, so could I use a stream recorder to capture it?

Thanks a lot!