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  1. I was recently given a Lacie video player without a hard drive in it. any attempt to install a drive leave me with no video signal and what appear to be blue and orange flashing led lights. I have seen this device work previously with its original hard drive. Is there a specific drive or size i need to install? Is there software on the original drive i would need? I really seem to be unable to find much information about this device.

    (the tag on the back reads:
    LGblacklplay-12v 4a
    W/nwbd001122ab )
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  2. If nobody here knows, it might pay to ask Lacie. When I copied your serial number into their support search thingy and let it search, it seemed to find your player, so you shouldn't have any problem creating an account and asking their support for help.
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    3.5" sata / 5400rpm only, up to 1 terabyte, compatible partition formats ntfs / fat32.

    This hard drive you mention ... if its new it may require initializing and formatting before system will work.

    Note Lacie power adapters are the worst rated, prone to hissing, high failure rates ... get a non-lacie unit from ebay, make sure the adaptor end matches required specs
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  4. well, i got it running. Talked to the guy i got it from and he hadnt wiped the old drive yet. cloned it to mine and it came up first try. now if i could just get it to recognize my shared folders....
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