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  1. Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum and I don't have much information about video stuff but I'm really willing to learn. Recently I have seen two video files in my friend's pc. Both are in mp4.

    *One is 960X544 with video bitrate of 1797 kb/s (but it says avg. bitrate is 1957 kb/s, don't know which bitrate is considered to be important one) @ 29.97 fps, H.264

    *The other is 868X480 with 2244 kb/s video bitrate, @23.98 fps. It says AVC mp4 but I don't know what it means.

    Now which video would seem better and why? Would H.264 and AVC make any difference? How come they have the same extensions but different names(AVC mp4/H.264 mp4) Does fps difference make any difference? Which one is important; higher bitrate with lower res OR lower bitrate with higher res?

    I am really eager to learn some facts about videos. Thank you all in advance
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  2. MP4 is a container -- a "box" that holds audio and video. Audio and video compressed with a number of different codecs can be contained in MP4.

    h.264 and AVC are the same thing, just different names.

    In general, larger frame sizes and higher frame rates require more bitrate. But there are many other variables. So you can only tell the quality by viewing the videos.
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    The one with the higher resolution AND lower bit rate is likely of lower quality, but whether it's enough for you to notice is a good question.
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  4. OK, thank you all. I've learnt what I wanted
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