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    im having audio sync issues using AVStoDVD to author a DVD using a Matroska file.....sometimes the out of sync is constant sometimes its variable, ie at times its in sync, but not for the duration.

    What is the best and easiest way to author a DVD without using AVS-DVD, and getting the Video and audio sync correct.....

    I have some experience of Demux/Mux but id rather keep it a simple as possible,

    Thanks for any advice
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  2. First, you don't state how you are determining the file is out of sync. In an NLE timeline? A standalone DVD player? If you are still using the athalon XP system listed in your profile it might simply be a playback issue. The inconsistency of your sync issues also points this way. Is it only this particular mkv that has given you trouble?

    AVStoDVD is (IMHO) the best free DVD authoring software, so if that's giving you bad results you may need to move up to something paid like TMPGenc Authoring Works.
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