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  1. Has anyone had experience with using Cineform Intermediate format video in Cyberlink PowerDirector 12 Ultra?
    That is, for editing and playback? I've checked it out using the test version of the Cyberlink product and 6:9 files seem
    to display 4:3, though they do display.

    Also. is the Cyberlink product using 32bit float for video editing?
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    I used cineform *.AVI files as input to power producer v5 some years ago to create a blu-ray disc. They were originally AVCHD files transcoded to cineform *.AVI for another more complex premiere pro project. I suppose they should also work with powerdirector.
    The cyberlink programs I used were 32bit. Note that cineform *.AVI files are bonafide VfW files that do not contain AR metadata, so the actual DAR is up to the player & NLE programs. Also, the computer that will use these files should also have the cineform codec installed to play them.
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  3. Newer versions of cineform have ability to store AR information that you can adjust in the settings, even the free one "Go Pro Cineform Studio"
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