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    My avs file :
    My x264 .bat file :
    x264.exe --preset slow --crf 19 --tune animation  --output "F:\Rango\Production\HD.mkv" "HD.avs"
    Dll Files : ffms2.dll + vsfilter.dll

    every thing is in its place but when the encoding finish .. there is no sound in the vidéo ? is there any dll file missing ? or any missing command ?
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  2. vanilla x264 builds do not encode audio. x264 is an AVC video encoder

    You can include in your batch file some provisions other audio encoders and muxing, or use ffmpeg libx264 which can encode audio & video simultaneously
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  3. ffVideoSource() doesn't include the audio. And x264 doesn't doesn't encode the audio even if you had audio. You have to deal with the audio it separately.
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  4. download
    and add some lines to your bat script, you need to encode AAC audio out of your avs script and then mux video and audio into mp4
    remember mp4box.exe needs js32.dll, libgpac.dll, msvcr100.dll to be in that directory, they are also in that zip
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  5. I usually just mux the original audio with the encoded video with mmg.
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  6. yes, instead of that mp4box line it could be there:
    mkvmerge -o _video.mkv raw_video.h264 audio.m4a
    and add mkvmerge.exe in that directory

    but maybe there could be AC3 inside of mkv instead of AAC then ... or better use your original audio, you just demux your original mkv and use that audio ...
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  7. Where did he say he needed AAC? He's making MKV files so he probably doesn't mind AC3 or whatever is in the source.
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  8. he did not say that, that is why I corrected myself
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