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  1. Hi Im new here and Im new to ripping dvd's and blu ray's. My question is I have a very large collection of Bluray movies and I just brought a WD Tv Live. I want to put some movies on a hard drive for easy access on the wdtv, but it take at least 8 hrs. for me to rip a bluray. I have a AMD A6 6400k processor with 8gb of ram (shared by video) and tons of HDD Space. I want to upgarde to a AMD 8320 QUad with 12 gb of ram. Will I notice a great difference in rip speed or is it not worth doing.
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  2. Oh and I like to keep my movies around 8gb on high quality
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    I think you're getting confused on ripping,it should only take 30 minutes at the most to rip a blu-ray disc,if your using dvdfab to rip and encode at the same time then it will take a few hours with your current system.

    With your new system it will take a couple hours to re-encode with a program such as handbrake using normal settings.
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    Ripping would be simply transferring the movie from the disc to the hard drive. You are talking about compressing them. Do you want Blu-ray format as the end product, or will an mkv or mp4 file containing only the main movie suffice?

    You'll need a decryption program for Blu-ray. This means AnyDVD HD, DVDFab or MakeMKV. If you are going to use DVDFab, use it only for decryption, not compression. MakeMKV won't compress anything but will get it on the hard drive for you to work with, either as a complete Blu-ray movie or as an uncompressed mkv file. And MakeMKV is free while in beta.

    For the compression, I'd recommend BD Rebuilder if you want Blu-ray structure. If you want an mkv or mp4 file, I'd normally use VidCoder. There are a lot of other choices, like Handbrake, MeGUI and Ripbot264. None of these programs will work with an encrypted disc by themselves. Rip to the hard drive first.

    More cores will generally help in encoding times with X264.
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  5. Yes I was talking about encoding and im using dvdfab I have handbrake makemkv and anydvd. My first movie with DVDfab was Heat and it took around 10hrs. to do. My second was Casino and I used anydvd and handbrake it took 8 hrs to encode with handbrake 8gb file quality at 16. Im going to give the others that were mention a try. Thanks for the help.
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  6. MakeMKV only takes a few minutes with a DVD so it shouldn't take 8 hours for a blue ray. Try it. Get the serial here:
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    "8gb file quality at 16". That will take a very long time unless you have a very fast computer. I only use RipBot for BD>MKV. My output size is set at 7900MB (8GB) with H.264 and 5.1 AC3 audio. I use two pass and that takes about 3 hours with the PC in my Computer Details.

    When I use Handbrake (Mostly for DVD>MKVs) I use a Quality setting of 19.5. Blu-rays are already better quality and 16 is overkill, IMO. Try a higher number and see what the results are. Or spend a lot of $$ and get a faster PC.

    For upgrade, take a look at my Computer Details. A DVD>MKV conversion with Handbrake takes me about 15 - 20 minutes. That's with a 19.5 Q setting.
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  8. Originally Posted by Kay8455 View Post
    I have a AMD A6 6400k processor with 8gb of ram (shared by video) and tons of HDD Space. I want to upgarde to a AMD 8320 QUad with 12 gb of ram. Will I notice a great difference in rip speed or is it not worth doing.
    No difference in rip speed, but for re-encoding, yes.

    If hard drive space is not a concern, maybe you should dispense with re-encoding and just rip to MKV with MakeMKV and be done with it. No quality loss.

    Don't use DVDFab for re-encoding, its quality is inferior to all the free programs available here (which use the x264 encoder). BDRB can do it quickest, but maybe not faster than Fab.

    I'm with redwudz, I use RipBot and a slow preset, crf20. But I have the same 8-core processor.
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