after searching on google for an audiobook player syncing audio to ebook, i found nothing but amazon's kindle and audible, with the feature called whispersync synchronizing text to speech, just every page (i found on youtube it is highlighted every line, i am not sure),

so the idea, is that i need an app syncing text to natural narrator's voice, i.e. audiobook, not text to speech engine, as i found many, coz i need that to learn english , i am not american

the problem is that i got a message "this service is not available on ur country" on google play, so i downloaded it as apk, however i still can't get the ebook i wish coz i can't purchase on amazon for the same reason

is there any app other than kindle for my purpose?? for instance, there is an app called crintsoft mini lyrics, syncing song to lyrics line by line in LRC format
so i wondered is this LRC format available in audiobooks??

as a last resort, i downloaded an audiobook in mp3, but wasn't recognized when placed in sdcard0/audible, i fogured out it must be aax format, so can i convert mp3->aax??
so, is there any other audiobook player so that i can listen alongside reading, even without sync, as a last resort???
by the way, is that whispersync feature syncing every line or every page??

i know it might be weird i need that badly but this maybe the best way for those learning english , especially to enhance accent

thanks in advance