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    hi guys

    i am trying to download some video from one site i am a member of

    site has two type of videos - trailers and real clips, i have succeeded to download trailers but real clips not

    to be more specific, here is the URL of trailer:

    and just with removing this "video_stream.php?video=" part i got link to download the trailer

    but the problem is how to download the real clip streaming

    the link for them is

    i have tryed 1000 things to remove from the link but there is no way to get access to that flv

    any help with that?

    p.s. site is for adults so insted of real name i put "" for domain, everthing other is real
    p.s.2 i have tryed to download this videos with some commercial software like jaksta, getflv and coojah and no - it doesnt works, they even cant download the trailer automatically, so thats why i started to search manually every link with http analyzer tools, but unfortunatelly they cant do much

    thanx for any help
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    You'll need a high quality screen recorder if the downloaders like Jaksta don't work. Try WM Capture or Replay Video Capture.
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