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  1. I've made a clip using Virtualdub. Is there any way that I can reverse the video? I want the video to play backwards when people watch it.
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  2. Originally Posted by El Heggunte View Post
    Is there any way to do it in Virtualdub?
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  3. I don't think there is a way in vdub alone... weird.

    If you're adverse to using avisynth, old versions of avidemux have a reverse filter (I think it got removed in 2.6 versions, but 2.5 versions have it. Videohelp archives old versions)
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  4. It doesn't surprise me that there's no reverse filter in VirtualDub -- since it's based on VFW's first-in-first-out processing. I suppose you could do a zillion cut/paste operations. Cut a frame off the end, paste (insert) it at frame 0. Cut a frame off the end, paste it at frame 1, cut a frame off the end, paste it at frame 2, etc.

    But really, what's easier than this in AviSynth?

    Then open the script in VirtualDub (or whatever editor you want) and save.
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  5. Thanks everyone for your help. I'll try the software that you all suggested.
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    Open the file in VirtualDub and export to a folder as an image sequence (blank name and set the number of digits to cover the number of frames).
    Reverse the order listed in the folder by clicking 'Name'.
    Select all of them and change the name of the image that is now top of the list to 1, then reverse the order again and load them into VirtualDub.
    Set the frame rate to the original value and recompress.
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