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  1. For a day or two I've been trying to get a "main menu only" structure out of Title Writer. I have 8 videos that I extracted menuless with DVDshrink. I want to put a new menu on that, but without chapter / settings pages for all movies. Just a main menu for the 8 items.

    I made some progress when I selected "On Button Pressed play": Movie. The chapter menu is still there, but it is skipped.

    But if I set the "Movie (VTS) Menu Options" to none, the result doesn't seem to work.

    Is there a way to do this the way I want? (I know that there are other ways, like TMPGenc DVD Author, but I want to do it with Title Writer in this case.)
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  2. Wait, never mind, I think I got it.
    Not that I got any replies but maybe it's not much used anymore.
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