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  1. Hey guys,

    So today I was cleaning up my hard drive and found some mkv files with covers embedded in them. Now these covers were unrelated attachments to the movie so I decided to remove them using mkvpropedit and the JMkvpropedit GUI, however adding and removing the cover attachment seemed like a tiring job as I had a bunch of them. So I created a simple batch script that I could drag and drop files into which seemed like a simple solution

    %~dp0/mkvpropedit %* --delete-attachment "1" --delete-attachment "2" --delete-attachment "3" --delete-attachment "4"
    I also made a script to add jpg covers (main cover and small-size cover)

    %~dp0/mkvpropedit %* --add-attachment "%~dp0cover.jpg" --add-attachment "%~dp0small_cover.jpg"
    Make sure, mkvpropedit and the cover.jpg, small_cover.jpg files are in the same directory as the batch file.
    Hope this helps someone. You can edit them and make similar scripts. mkvpropedit is part of MKVToolnix
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  2. Can you please elaborate as to how exactly do you remove the jpg attachments
    As in, an easy to follow tutorial.
    Thanks for your help
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