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  1. Internet Friendly Media Encoder
    Originally Posted by Kerry56 View Post
    Maybe they just mean the smaller files will be easier to distribute, and so are "internet friendly".
    A little "asterisk" on title, Any by mean that FFmpeg can recognized video format, I believe FFmpeg can support many type.

    Hi, I just join this forum.~ My friend told me to join, so I decide to step in...
    All information can be found here and source code also can be found on GitHub.

    IFME have sync issue, to overcome this, I made some temporary fix, (
    By end of august, if all problem has been fix, IFME will release to public.

    Problem, Feedback, Issue:
    To make more effective for me and everyone to help, try follow this:
    For privacy of video, send-link via Private Message
    • Post your "Console Log" (use [code] tag)
    • Provide video properties, use MediaInfo. (use [code] tag)
    • Upload video that you trying to encode (use Google Drive or DropBox).
    • Video player you are using, such as MPC-HC or VLC.

    4K Test:
    I made some 4K encoding test, more detail here

    this section may change and update time to time.
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