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  1. Good evening, I have a doubt regarding my TV ...
    I've been researching and noticed that when playing movies with subtitles by USB disk, subtitles assume an impossible standard size change, so my idea was to incorporate subtitles in movies, but so far not found any software that incorporates subtitles without changing the film quality. My movies are 720p or 1080p and are in different files to AVI or MKV. Can anyone help me? thank you now.
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    If you permanently hardcode (aka burn-in) subtitles to a movie, it's change is fundamental to the pixels, so it REQUIRES a re-encode, and re-encoding to lossy format will ALWAYS LOSE QUALITY. There is NO getting around that simple fact.

    HOW MUCH quality is lost is variable depending upon many factors (content complexity, codec used, settings used, bitrate...), but most importantly your tastes/expectations and ability to discern differences.

    Many apps allow you to hardcode/burn-in subs to video.


    One thing you CAN do without resorting to hardcoding, is to convert the text-based subs to picture-based subs (render them). You should be able to specify font, font format, font size, etc when doing the rendering. Of course, that assumes you will then have players (hardware or software) that support usage of picture-based subs. There are a number of formats: VobSub (SUB+IDX), SVCD/CVD OGT, DVD subs (similar to VobSub), BD subs, DVB subs, possibly others.

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    If you can afford $100, forget trying to play files directly on HDTV and get a WDTV Live Streaming. You can adjust the size and placement of subs (I think also color, but not 100% sure). An additional plus is that you can play a much wider range of file formats than you can directly through the HDTV.
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