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  1. Hello folks! As first thing, I'm an italian guy, so sorry for my BAD englsh! I'm a very noob in video-editing, but I'm trying to do my best, so sorry if I use some uncorrect term
    However, I saw this tuts about "slow-motion basic techniques":
    And I learnt the technique about "changing the frame rate of your video in order to make a good basic slowmotion".
    But this tuts was made using after effects, so I have some questions (I'll try to put them in this list):
    0.1 This is a very noob question: how can I see the framerate of the clip or sequence in Pr? In Ae is sufficient to click on it and on the top left corner (near to the preview image) there are all the info that you need (included the framerate).
    0.2 Usually, I use my GoPro in order to make videos, and I use 60fps at 720p in order to make "sufficient good" slow motion. But then I don't know what is the right "Sequence Presets" to choose (I usually use HDV 1080p30, but I don't know if it's the best/right choice) when I create a new sequence, so when I use a GoPro clip in some sequence it appears the message "Clips Mismatch Warning" and I have to choose the "Change sequence settings" option, but then I don't know what are the NEW sequence settings! I can know what are the NEW sequence settings?
    1. Here the most important question: I saw on the tuts that I linked above, that the a basic technique for slowmotion is to change directly the framerate of the clip from (for example) 59,94 to 29,97 (as in my case). But then I thought: how can I apply this technique "locally" on the clip? Or better gradually (so starting from 59,94 at a point of the clip and gradually decrease it until it reaches 29,97)? Is that possible in some way? I know that you can right click on the original clip->modify->interprete footage and change the frame rate, but that is for the WHOLE clips, not locally as I need!
    2. Then, I had an idea: why they use "change frame rate" and Twixtor SEPERATELY? Why not first change frame rate AND THEN apply the Twxitor effects? I had this idea because I tried to obtain an extreme slow motion using only Twixtor, but the result was really bad! But when I combined the two techniques the results was pretty good What do you think about it? It is only an illusion (so I don't get something in the process, and there isn't any real improovment), or IT IS a good solution?
    I wish to thank EVERYONE who answer to my questions and will try to help me, THANK YOU!
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  2. 0.1 Stretch out your project window, or right click on the clip and choose properties to see the info.
    0.2 Choose any 1280x720 preset -- probably 25fps in your case.
    1. Time Remapping is an inherent trait of any clip. Click on the clip in the timeline, open the effects control tab, twirl time remapping, add keyframes and modify to taste.
    2. If it looks better it probably is better. Try both and compare.
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