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  1. I've got 3 PCs in my house and all but 1 can playback brightcove streaming videos from For the other machine the videos start but are missing all controls ie play, volume, pause, timeline etc are all completely missing. I've tried emailing the people who own the web site but they seemingly have no knowledge of what it is that they have engaged brightcove to deliver and simply point me at a FAQ. I'm a novice when it comes to flash and trying to resolve what might be going on with the javascript that would result in only this 1 pc not being able to play these video's. The result is the same no matter if I use IE, firefox or chrome and hence I expect that it has something to do with whatever is being returned to brightcove in their optimsation routines. Can anyone suggest some possible fixes? I've done alot of search but found nothing that assists. Thanks
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  2. Discovered a strange way to get the controls back. If I use a VPN and access the site through that then I get a geo blocking error. Disconnecting from the VPN then restores my controls. This applies for all browsers. No idea why but obviously something to do with Brightcove.
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