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  1. Hi, I'm trying to create a simple Blu-ray disc with one menu and four videos. I'm using the trial version of AW 5 to see if it will do what I want...
    I've created a single custom top menu with 4 buttons (actually I think they're text items, as there are no thumbnails). The highlight selection works fine, and then when activated each button plays the right video track.
    The problem is that at the end of all four tracks when the player goes back to the menu it always has the first button highlighted. Is it pssible to make the highlight be on the button that relates to the track just played? I.e. can you set a track end jump to a specific button?

    It seems so basic, I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious! But what?
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    All objects in an authored DVD or BD has an end action, and the end action of the video tracks in your case is, and has been set, to go back to the menu and select the default button in that menu (which is the button you see highlighted). If a button was pressed to play a track, the end action of that track can be set to go back to that button again (instead of, in most cases, play the next track). Different authoring programs have slightly differing approaches. In Encore, I normally set video track (clips) end action to play the next track; the first track to be played is done by pressing a "play all" button in main manu; and the override is set to "go back to here" (if the track is played by pressing on its button in menu, that's where it goes back to, which I understand is what you want). Architect does the same by making you create different playlists for each type of action from a button in a menu (which can also achieve what you want). I'm not sure about AW5 (or even if it permits going back to what caused a certain action or overrides), but key is to search for "link back to here" function as override.
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  3. TAW always goes back to the first button. You can edit the navigation with PGCedit, but I think you will have to create a new routine for each button to get it to go back the way you want.
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  4. nic2k4 - thank you for confirming that! I'll just have to live with the strange button behaviour, as I think using PGCedit is a bit out of my comfort zone... (unless anyone's written a guide to using it for sorting out this exact issue?)
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