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  1. I was trying to encode a DVD of mine in avisynth since the source looks horrible and I've come across something I haven't had before.

    It sort of looks like halos and rings but its not on the lines, it just looks like a ghost image of everything right beside it.
    I'm also seeing what looks like dot crawl but for the first time, checkmate() is not getting rid of it. its reducing it in some scenes and making it in others where it wasn't in before.

    Heres a picture of my finished script with an example. Its in it both before and after my script.

    Here is an untouched video sample to look at.!wpRAGIqD!gTjZeoIMus2t1_PQvybU71ShYh-KqfP9_v_WwnYIO9M

    Any suggestions on what to do and how to get rid of it in avisynth?
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  2. Something like:

    BicubicResize(360, height).nnedi3_rpow2(2, cshift="Spline64Resize", fwidth=720, fheight=480).Sharpen(0.5, 0.0)
    Overlay(src, last, mask=darkmask)
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  3. I just keep getting an error saying "I don't know what src means"

    So I took out the src's in the script and it looks like it reduced those lines I wanted to get rid of quite a bit but not fully. It still looks alot better than it did with them being reduced.

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  4. Sorry, add "src=last" at the top of that script section.
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