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  1. I have a few video files that I edited with Videoredo a while back. They were recorded with my Hauppauge, which is how I record everything. When I'm muxing with TSmuxer, I constantly get "bad sei detected." If i check "do not change," it will mux the files together BUT there will be a stutter towards the beginning of each file. It will seem to jump forward about 2-3 frames, which can be jarring.

    I tried mkvmerge and, once again, they merged together but, this time, the audio is just slightly out of sync.

    Any advice? Is there any way around this?
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  2. OK so I was just able to reproduce the error. It *IS* definitely a problem in videoredo. It's not a problem with the master file.

    I've uploaded both the original recording and the edit and the errors are introduced AFTER videoredo.

    And to see the (slight) jerkiness that I'm talking about, here's a smaller clip:!xd9XhZqI!i7Jla3gWY83qmxnISZTg1z9Ucn9kHAAvOgyXYguq8Uw

    And, to be clear, this has happened with various versions of VRD. It's not just one. The files that I initially noticed this on were recorded several years ago. The files I uploaded were recorded today.
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