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    I am running Win 7. I am trying to Rip a DVD that came out this year, for personal use.
    I tried Freemake - It crashed, that is the whole computer crashes about 2/3 the way through
    I tried DVDFab 9519 - crashes same as above
    I tried HandBrake 0.9.9-1 - crashes same as above
    I tried Wondershare - crashes same as above
    I tried WinX-DVD ripper - crashes same as above
    I tried running a decryption plug in, the install exe is "free-dd-protection-removal-win.exe" and then running Freemake - crashes same as above
    I tried running AnyDVD HD (start it up and keep it running) - and run Freemake - crashes same as above

    I know from the decryption plugin and AnyDVD the video has CSS.

    Could it be something with my GPU?
    Any ideas?

    Ripless in Raleigh
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    Start up AnyDVD and put the disc in your drive. Let AnyDVD analyze the disc, then right click on the fox icon in the bottom right of your desktop. This will give you a list of options, one of which is Rip Video DVD to Harddisk. Select this option and let AnyDVD put the complete DVD on the hard drive. You should then be able to work with the ripped DVD however you wish.

    If you still have problems crashing, you might have hardware problems. Have you looked at temperatures while working with the computer, or tested ram?
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    Oh my. Yet another thread about an un-rippable mystery DVD from a first time poster.
    Be still my heart.
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  4. You don't have two decrypting programs running in the background at the same time, or anything similar?

    I spent a little time with Google. Is it a Disney DVD? Crashing while ripping seems to be a common symptom when the DVD is protected by X-Project DRM (copy protection). You might need to update AnyDVD if the copy protection is a new variation. Or try this. I found it while Googling. I've not used it myself but it mentions Disney X protection.

    Or try Googling "Disney X-Project DRM". You'll find lots of links to software which claims to defeat it, but I don't know how much of that will be free.
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  5. I've had success with DVD's that wouldn't rip the usual way by making an ISO with DVDDecrypter in ISO read mode, then burning to dual layer DVD.
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    It's probably not Disney. Their stuff is really not all that difficult to rip if you have AnyDVD. I'm a Disney fan, I've got tons of legally bought DVDs from them and I've yet to see one that an up to date AnyDVD can't handle unless it's maybe within a short time of release to home video. Eventually it will get updated. Maybe things are different in Europe on their discs, but their region 1 DVDs just aren't all that difficult to deal with if you have the right tools.

    The OP should not confirm this if I am right, but perhaps he is trying to rip a rental DVD from Netflix, RedBox, etc. Rentals often have scratches that can be problematic for some drives and that's the real problem. In such cases all you can do is try to find a different drive to rip from or find a different copy of the disc.
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