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  1. ====
    edit: Forget this posting. The converted mp4s/mkvs are also somewhat broken as I found out now.
    The only effect would be that I could play the mp4s in Windows Media Player after conversion.

    Hi guys,

    I have a bunch of mkvs (H264 + DTS streams)... unfortunately all of them are somewhat broken.
    - In VLC they are a bit jumpy, also seeking sometimes causes loads of fragments and pauses, fixable by seeking again.
    - when played with ffdshow and Win MediaPlayer / Zoomplayer, they will stay black at first and when jumping a bit forward, very few frames will play and it will stop again

    I found out that when using xmedia recode to copy (!) Audio/Video streams in an MP4 they videos will play fine.
    As the streams are DTS I don't want to keep them in an mp4 container though.
    So I put them back in an mkv container.

    Everything's still in sync and fixed then.

    MKVmerge alone wouldn't fix the issue.

    Any ideas how the do that task easier?
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    Files created through the most recent versions of MKVtoolnix may be problematic to "strange" players such as VLC.
    Remuxing the MKVs with the olde and goode settings often is sufficient to fix the playback issues:

    --engage no_cue_duration --engage no_cue_relative_position
    As the streams are DTS I don't want to keep them in an mp4 container though.
    DTS in MP4 is compliant to the specifications, and LAV Splitter has no problem with it.
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  3. Hm... strange.
    As I said, Zoom Player / Win Media Player would then play the file but without sound.
    (VLC played sound but had the same issues like it had with the MKV file => little jumps now and then)

    I already tried demuxing the streams to single files and muxing them together again into a new mkv.
    Still the file would only play in VLC.

    I don't know if your parameters would make a change...?

    As soon as I'm home again I will try recoding one stream after the other now to check whether one of them is bugged...
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