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  1. I would like to get recorder software and record some fairly lengthy video streams that is on a blog site that uses one of the common streaming services. My concern is related to the way the stream will occasionally drop where I may have to refresh to have it continue. This is not due to my pc or net connection it is just some kind of pretty much normal glitch that happens. Well the point of the recording is so that I can watch this recording at a later time and the whole plan is kind of ruined if I have to babysit and monitor the stream to fix it when it quits. If there is any fix to this how do I that? Is there a video recorder that automatically refreshes? I can't be the only one who has this kind of problem. Any ideas?
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    No stream recorder can refresh since it simply grabs the stream that is presented to it from a browser. It is the browser that requires refreshing and not the actual stream.

    If this particular stream is not live you could attempt to download it rather than capture it as it plays. That could give better flexibility with less chance of a time-out if and when the stream drops.
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