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  1. Hi -
    I have been searching high and low for a solution to the following issue:

    I used WM Capture to record a streaming video file. Recorded to MPEG-2 format, 29.97 fps and 192Kbps bit rate audio. The file plays fine (no audio sync issue) in a multitude of players (VLC, WMP, DVD authoring software "preview", etc.) However, when I go to author a DVD/burn (either ISO, DVD folder or DVD disc), the audio is out of sync. It starts OK, but gets progressively worse throughout the 90min (or so) video.

    I attempted to demux (the software I used is escaping me at the moment, can't seem to find it on my computer....) and it showed a 2second delay. I tried authoring a DVD file with the 2s delay, but it didn't work (I'm guessing because the delay isn't a constant, but rather increasing amount).

    Any suggestions on how to translate this mpeg file to a DVD without incurring the delay?

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    What do you author with?

    You might have to fix the ts stream with for example videoredo(quick stream fix).
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