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  1. I have a couple of MKV videos that have forced English subtitles (where the Aliens talk). The subtitle track that contains the forced English subtitle also contains the subtitle for the hearing impaired. My media player, XBMC, can not separate this type of track, it needs to be two separate tracks. I have been trying unsuccessfully to separate the subtitles into two separate subtitles. I tried BDSup2Sub, but when I try to export the Forced English only par the option is grayed out. Thanks
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  2. Subtitle Edit Tools -> Remove text for hearing impaired (if your subtitles is VOBSUB or PGS since you tried BDSup2Sub you'll need to do an OCR)
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  3. Wasn't able to split the subtitle with Subtitle Edit. I used MKVExtractGUI to extract the subtitle, is there something else I should try. When I export the subtitle what format should I use so I maintain the original font?
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  4. Dunno if this will help, but you could try an old version of BDSup2Sub. Not too long ago I updated it and it didn't work properly on my computer. Probably something to do with java on my 64 bit OS.

    So I reverted to my old version (v. 4.0.0) and all is back to normal.

    Anyway, if you're lucky, it'll be something simple like that.
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