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  1. I have a MacBook Air from 2008 and I would like to connect it up to my 2011 iMac so that it displays the contents of my MBA on the iMac's screen.

    It looks like I have the "Apple Micro-DVI to DVI Adapter" (part: MB203G) which came with my MacBook Air and so I would need a Micro-DVI to Thunderbolt converter like this: VERTOR-FOR-MAC-PC-Mini-DP-/331028854802

    Do you think that it would work?
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  2. I had since found out that my early 2008 13" MacBook Air offered the unique connection of micro-DVI, which came with a converter to DVI. I then found a DVI to DisplayPort adapter which would fit the Thunderbolt port on my late 2011 27" iMac and while everything fit, it did not work.

    I think it's because anything later than 2009 for iMac's (specifically of a 27" variety) would not support anything by DisplayPort input, so I was out of luck. It was a tumultuous time for video connections, easy now of course as it's been settled with Thunderbolt, but those years saw several changes and ultimately a trail of incompatibilities.

    Still, there was a generation difference between the two and in the computing world that makes a big difference.
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