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  1. Hey all,

    just upgraded to CC (Premiere and Speedgrade), and wanted to use the shot matcher feature in speedgrade since it will make my life a whole lot easier.

    I tried to follow the tutorial here:

    But my problem is I have multiple video tracks that I want to match. For example the top track is the track I want to use and make the other two tracks seem like them. With 2up I can only match two shots and that is if I don't move the playhead the 3up function does not offer me the shot matcher. With the 2up it selects the 1st and the 2nd track and as stated above if I move any of the playheads it selects the 1st track and that is it.

    Any way to move the playheads towards different tracks or do I have to 1st make everything onto a single track and then edit the video?

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  2. Shot matcher can only compare 2 shots (he says so in the very first sentence of the tutorial you linked to.) However, by muting and unmuting video layers you can quickly cycle through and compare. So you can't compare A to B to C, but you can do A to B, then A to C. And of course you can save any grade as a preset.
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