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  1. I have seen programs to show all the info such as data rate, frame rate etc, but is there a program to show i, p, b frames so I know how specific frames were set?

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  2. Depends on the type of video

    You can use FFInfo() with FFMS2 in avisynth, it will overlay the frametype, or ffdshow's OSD if you configure it to show the frametype, or ffmpeg can do it too print out a list of frametypes or overlay the info on an image sequence
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    And if you happen to need a professional application, there exist Elecard StreamEye and Elecard StreamAnalyzer...

    For HEVC especifically, there is the Reference HEVC Decoder (TAppDecoder.exe).
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  4. I downloaded the trial of StreamEye. It's very nice. I will try avisyth and ffdshow next. Thank you both for the advice!
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    Gspot also has a frametype viewing feature, though it doesn't allow scanning to a particular frame.

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  6. ffdshow also has a frame type/size graph under Visualizations. The intensity of each column represents the frame type, and height corresponds to the size. I find it easy to use this together with MPC-HC, where I can step forward by a single frame using a keyboard shortcut. During playback it will show the bitrate variance. Visualizations can also be toggled with a keyboard shortcut.
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  7. Code:
    @ffprobe -v quiet -pretty -print_format json -show_entries "frame=pkt_pts_time,pict_type" -select_streams v:0 %1 > %1.json
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