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    You did it right, it opens just fine here. The filter parameters are on track-2 "Desktop". Thanks for sharing!
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  2. muffinman123
    are the file paths stored relatively or absolutely in aup files? is there a way to edit the file locations once the project is created? it seems I need a hex editor just to parse the aup files.
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  3. Not sure how to properly read aup file, but it opens in notepad

    Within the GUI, you can relink the assets by clicking on the video, and pushing the reference file button then specify a new location/path
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  4. muffinman123
    the denoiser filters, what do the options do? I assume that 1st I put the check mark under filter menu, then I go to filter+ menu to adjust the parameters, but on the upper right corner there's a check mark right below the X close button, what does that do? do I need that checkbox to enable the denoise filter too?
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  5. Not sure, I haven't really used them, but it looks like checkbox activates the filter, uncheckmark disables it. Not sure what the actual settings do, it looks like bigger numbers increase the strength of the effect. The first checkmark in the menu is just to open/close the dialog box
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