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  1. Hello all,

    Have a quick question. Have recorded an event that was 9 hours long, finally synced everything, but now I have an audio source problem. The event was recorded with 3 cameras two of which were Canon DSLR (with ML), and one ordinary handheld camera for backup. The problem is that the DSLR stops recording at around 20 min, so a couple of seconds of audio & video is lost, but the sound I want to use is from a DSLR source. So I wish to do the following; use the DSLR audio source as my master or. primary source, and the cameras audio as a backup, when the DSLR audio stops working. Is there a way to do this in adobe premiere, or do I have to manually cut the audio and paste it where I need it to. As you can imagine I spent god only knows how many hours sweating just syncing the 3 cameras for a 9 hour long event, now I really don't want to go over it again just to clip out the audio. Any help is appreciated.

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  2. There are automated solutions for syncing like pluraleyes you can try

    But for a 9 hour event, with multiple equipment that haven't been been genlocked (impossible with most DLSR's anyway) , you 're likely to get some drift . Even if you manually match everything up, it probably won't perfect
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  3. Adobe premiere can now do multigrouping by audio on its own. It works so well I've almost abandoned pluraleyes (which is also very good.) There are many tutorials.

    If you have drift you can move your project into audition and timestretch there. Be warned, It takes a long time to re-render the tracks.
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  4. Never knew pluraleyes existed lol. Multigrouping is I guess with CC not CS6?
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  5. Double check, but yes, it appears multicam by audio was introduced in CC (You didn't originally mention your version.) So for the automated methods you'll want to compare the cost of PluralEyes vs. the cost of upgrading PP.
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    I recently did a 3-4 cam non-genlocked shoot, covering 18+ hours, one cam of which had NO timestamp info, so I HAD to do it manually! Thank God I've had experience syncing. So I understand where you're coming from.

    The answer to you MAIN question: Can you use multiple audio to "cover" the gaps and create a continuous, synced sequence? YES.

    Put each cam's video & audio in their own track.
    After syncing, you should have each cam's track laid out with correct Time-of-Day (or similar). As an example, Let's call goodcam=A and badcam=B.
    So A's (audio) track looks like: AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA,
    whereas B's track looks like: BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB,
    And, I'm guessing, what you want is: AAAAABAAAAABAAAAABAAAAA continguous, right?

    So, move/drag the A clips down to the B track (making extra sure to not change their timing) so that the A clips cover up the B clips. It will automatically make a cut at those correct points and leave out the remainder.
    Then, go back and adjust clip gain+eq to match as closely as possible, and add X-fades at EACH transition point (you'll have to decide on length as appropriate).

    (I just did this, so I know it works. This would have been even easier in ProTools - TrackVoicePriority - , but I had to use Premiere CS3 for this job).

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  7. Then Premiere CC it is since I get it for free from y university. Was just lazy and used to CS6 and didn't want to switch it. But since it apparently offers features I use to do manually every day it's worth getting used to a newer version. Was planning to just upgrade speedgrade for now due to it's video colour matching but I guess I'll just upgrade everything available. Thank you!

    Cornucopia is apparently ancient greek for saviour of the day or something. Thank you!
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