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  1. I'm new around here and I didn't know where to fit this thread. Anyway, I have just donwloaded a mkv file and it came with a custom thumbnail on it, which annoys me because I like to keep my TV shows folders organized. I would like to know if there's a way I can remove that thumbnail or make the default one appear instead.

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  2. If it's just cover art, you can use mkvtoolnix (mkvmerge) to remove the attachment, remux a new mkv. If it's actually encoded in the file as an intro you can split the file (mkvtoolnix as well)
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  3. Does it change the quality of the video?
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  4. Remuxing doesn't change the quality of the video . It's like taking the audio & video out of box and putting it into another box
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  5. Oh, nice. Well, thanks. It worked!
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  6. In case anyone else finds this from Google search like myself, after installing mkvtoolnix (mkvmerge), you can run this simple script to remove attachments.

    SET MKVPROEDIT="C:\mkvtoolnix-64bit-8.8.0\"
    SET /P PATH="Enter folder path: "
    IF EXIST %PATH:~1,-1%
       FOR /F "tokens=*" %%i IN ('dir /B /S %PATH%"\*.mkv"') DO (
           ECHO [+] Processing File: "%%i"
           START /D %MKVPROEDIT% /B /W mkvpropedit.exe "%%i" --delete-attachment mime-type:image/jpeg
    SET /P X="Press any key to continue.."
    @ECHO ON

    Paste into notepad and save as a .bat file. You can then double click the .bat file and enter your folder path to remove attachments.

    Note: I had to change line 2 with the path of where mkvoolnix was installed; in my case: C:\Program Files\MKVToolNix
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