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    Originally Posted by TorBru View Post
    @VideoHelp: There is an error in the changelog on videohelp: The date for V1.7.49 should be 19th and not 11th (as initially uploaded)
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    not sure if anyone is still monitoring this thread or not!

    FFQueue seems to offer exactly what I am looking so I am sure it is just me not doing something right!

    I am using ffmpeg and want to use FFQueue to save my regularly used commands in a custom built preset so I don't have to keep typing them or copying and pasting out of a word document!

    An example of a code line I use a lot is this;

    ffmpeg -i INPUT_FILE_NAME -vf "drawtext=fontfile=Arial.ttf: text='Frame\: %{frame_num}\: Time\: %{pts\:hms}': start_number=0: x=(w-tw)/2: y=h-(2*lh): fontcolor=white: fontsize=20: box=1: boxcolor=black: boxborderw=5" -c:a copy frame_numbered.mp4

    Which creates a video file with the frame numbers and time on each frame.

    I have tried putting this in as a custom filter and as a custom command line argument but I am repeatedly getting errors back.

    I have tried without the preceeding ffmpeg -i and input file name as these appear to be added by FFQueue but then get a "no such filter as drawtext" come back.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.

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