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  1. I want to extract TV episodes from DVD, which I'm going to convert to MKV. I know there is software that will separate the episodes, but for the life of me I can't remember which ones there are?

    I've tried using Handbrake, as well as MakeMKV, but they don't do what I want. I'll be using Handbrake afterwards to shrink the file naturally.

    Hope someone can help?

    Ass an add-on to my query, it might be VidCoder I'm thinking of?
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    You could try dvddecrypter and split by titles or chapters. Than batch shrink with vidcoder.
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  3. Haven't used DVD Decrypter since it stopped production. Just downloaded it again, but can't get it to see DVDs on my HDD? Will IMGBurn work?
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  4. There was a script on this web site,, that was able to help, but the link is no more.
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  5. I suspect the DVD is compiled in such a way that some of the software I've used won't separate the episodes. However, I just tried the free version of Fair Use Wizard, & it shows each episode as a chapter, so I'll see if I can work from that?
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  6. You could try VideotoVideo Converter

    File->Add DVD->Select DVD Folder

    Either convert each title seperately or each chapter seperately [see checkboxes].

    Choose 'MKV Matroska' Preset.
    In dropboxes on the right set up your codec, audio, bitrate parameters.

    Click 'OK'.
    Click 'Convert' icon.

    Let me know how you get on if you use it.
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  7. Downloaded VideotoVideo Converter & gave it a quick look, but it doesn't do anything that none of the other software I've got can do (I've got IMGBurn, as well as Vidcoder & also Handbrake, plus others such as MakeMKV).

    I used Handbrake & followed instructions I found elsewhere on extracting each chapter, using a queue for each one, & am currently converting with this method. I've since found another software programme called ChapterGrabber, which extracts each of the chapters automatically. It also has the ability to search for names from online database, which seems useful too.

    Don't know if ChapterGrabber is here, so here's the address:-
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    I just use VidCoder. I have AnyDVD HD running in the background for decryption. In VidCoder, the episodes are listed and obvious by their playing time. I select each and VidCoder can name them, but just by numbers. Then I drop them into the queue and encode.
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  9. You can generally use DVDShrink's re-author function to split DVDs into episodes. Mostly, each episode has it's own title, but sometimes a single title is divided into episodes using chapters. If that's the case, you can drag the single title from the right pane to the left (in re-author mode), then use the edit function to edit it down by chapter (make it episode 1). You can drag the same title from the right pane to the left again, and use the edit function to edit it down by chapter (make it episode 2) etc, etc.
    When you're done use the backup function and you'll have an ifo file and a set of vob files per episode. Or you can disable the splitting of vob files and you'll have a single ifo file and a single vob file per episode.

    You can open a folder's worth of ripped DVD files with DVDShrink. In fact you can open more than one and add them to a single re-authoring job so you could end up with a folder containing several DVDs worth of episodes if you so desired.

    Make sure to disable DVDShrink's compression, or set the target output size in preferences to something large (DVD9 or greater) so it won't try to shrink anything when it re-saves the video.

    DVDShrink will still open many DVDs directly. If need be you can re-author and rip at the same time. For some newer DVDs with copy protection it can't handle, I run AnyDVD in the background.
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