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    Hi there! New here!

    Please let me know if I'm on the wrong topic thread, and direct me to the appropriate thread.

    Ok so I recently been using PotPlayer and I love it. For me it's a player on par with MPC but with more features.
    My concern is that it has trouble rendering some heavy KFX subtitles and MPC plays it just fine. Due to it using the xy-vsfilter. PotPlayer has it's own subtitle rendering filter (which is quite good) but sadly it's not enough for some videos. It has a built-in "registered" VSFilter which I could use, but unfortunately it's too outdated. The version is I think about v2-ish and the latest stable ones are already above version 3. The one in PotPlayer does the job in some cases but it's buggy and crashes the player sometimes.

    So I was trying to add external filters, namely the latest xy-vsfilter from thinking it might just do the trick. For some reason when I try to add external filters via Preferences>Filter Control>Global Filter Priority, and choosing the "Add external filter..." button and choose the VSfilter.dll file, it doesn't seem to get added. Basically nothing happens. What does get add is the list of filters when clicking on the "Add registered filter" button. The VSFilter is listed, but like I said, it's too out-dated for me to use and it crashes the player sometimes.

    For reference, the video I'm trying to watch is the SAO2 anime, fansubbed. ->

    Has any of you tried to add your own filters to PotPlayer? Because I can't add any on mine.

    I'm using the latest version available on the official site: v1.6.48576


    *attached is an screen cap I took when I'm choosing from a list of registered filters in PotPlayer. Highlighted is the built-in vsfilter.
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