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  1. Thanks whoever this site is called videohelp, because that's what I need. Im' puzzled:

    Today I seat to watch the last dvd r I burnt and was shocked to see that three times during the first 30 minutes of the movie include sections of a dvd-r I'd burnt the some days before (not exactly the previous one, I burnt another in between.

    Thing goes like this: 1. The screen goes like broken frames (only an instant) and then for about 5 seconds another movie shows on screen, both audio and viedo.

    Friends this is no complaint I commeting because I thought you experts could be interested. Has anything like this happened to you before.

    PS The movie which interferes is called Le Streghe (The Witches)
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  2. Where'd the copy of the movie you burned come from? What type of file(s)?

    That's the sort of thing which can sometimes happen when you download video with a torrent program. The program may allocate space on the hard drive for the entire video, space which might have contained a previous video that has since been deleted. If you try to play the downloaded file before it's completely finished downloading, sometimes you can get bits of the old video.
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  3. Hi hello-hello, that must be it! Both of them were dvd-r from torrent. My guess wass that as I had left both dvds one on top of the other overnight perhaps sexual intercourse had taken place. Thanks for the advice: I'll never try to play the video before finishing downloading. Anyway if in nine months time I find a baby dvd, I'll let you know!

    So as to avoid this in the future, is it enough not to play the files before it finishes downloading or should I take some more precautions? Like not downloading twice to the same folder. Now that I remember, by mistake I started downloading the files to a pendrive and when I noticed it I changed the download location to the hard drive.

    Sorry for posting a new thread for such a silly mistake on my behalf but I really didn't know about this. Thanks once more.
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