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  1. How to convert a 3D BD50 ripped to Hard disk by AnyDVD HD to 3D BD25 using the latest DVDFab (not Blu Fab)?

    Btw..... I no longer posses the original Blu-Ray. It is with my friend abroad. I just don't want to waste a BD-R DL when I can convert it to 3D BD25.

    I tried the Customize option but the resulting .iso plays the only the opening messages/instructions, studio logo etc. but does not even play the top menu. No error message, it just goes blank.

    The .iso does have all the files/ folders like SSIF, M2TS, stereo M2TS etc.

    Is it even possible? If so, any particular steps?
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    I have YET to see a 3DBD50->3DBD25 conversion work correctly. EVER. AFAIK, it's just advertising/marketing mumbo-jumbo (probably disguising the fact that they're converting to SbS format).

    You wouldn't be wasting a BD-R DL. Use it (assuming the full BD50 ISO still works).

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  3. I've tried DVDFab for re-encoding a 3D BD ISO, BD50 to BD25. Three different movies, IIRC. It never worked properly (for any of them), and the result was like what you experienced. Except in one case the top menu would start to load, then it would freeze.

    So as far as I know, it simply doesn't work. Dunno why that option is available; maybe they got it to work on a test disc.

    I think your best option is to go ahead and burn the BD50 ISO to a BD50 blank. That should work fine if the burn is successful (failure rate is always higher for DL media).

    There have been a few posts by members saying BDRB can do it, but I haven't looked into it. Not sure if that isn't limited to a half-rez top/bottom or side-by-side re-encode to MKV.

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    Over the last few months, many, if not most of the updates to BD Rebuilder have dealt with backing up 3D movies. If you are going to try to do a compressed 3D backup, I'd suggest using BD Rebuilder.
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  5. Thank you all for your replies.

    I have successfully taken backup of several BD50s to BD25 using DVDFab, 2D and 3D, some with Menus(Customize option) while others without Menus(Main Movie option).

    I do this with my friend's Blu-ray discs(with his permission, of course). But, this time he ripped the 3D Blu-ray with AnyDVD HD himself to share with me. He and I both thought that I would be able to convert it to 3D BD25 later.

    Now he is abroad and if I want the original BD50, then I would have to wait until he returns.

    Also, I have tried BD Rebuilder in the past found it a bit complicate. I will definitely give the latest version another look.

    I personally prefer DVDFab as it has GPU Accelerated encoding which works flawlessly using Intel HD Graphics.
    With my system a 3D Blu-ray BD50 to BD25 takes a maximum of 2 to 2.5 hrs depending on the movie duration.
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