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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm quite new to recording and encoding and I ran into a problem I can't solve on my own.
    I downloaded CamStudio and an x264 encoder.

    I try to record World of Tanks replays. The replay is running smoothly even during recording
    The CPU load is about 50-70% during recording.

    The end result looks like this:

    I setup the display's refresh rate to 50hz and limited the game to 50fps as well by setting up vertical sync however the frame rates were varying during the capture.

    The record / encode setup as follows:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	x264setup.png
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    Do you have any suggestions?

    I tried various capture frame rates playback rates, and x264 presets they did not help at all.

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  2. Nor really a suggestion, but may be a question, which could explain microlag/jitter:

    Yes, youTube properly handle 50fps videos nowadays? (iirc at least at the beginning it only supported up to 30fps,..)
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  3. Youtube will support 50p/60p soon - they announced it a while back

    This video is 25p with duplicates (effectively ~ 12 fps only)

    What does your recorded video look like before youtube? I doubt it looks smooth. It must be 50p with 4x duplicates?

    This suggests the game itself really isn't running at a decent FPS, or you're dropping frames . You can try some other capture software to see if it makes a difference e.g fraps, dxtory, bandicam
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    The recorded video is like the video on youtube. The gameplay is smooth though. I checked the input rate later, yep it was 12fps all the time .. for whatever reason, I don't care about camstudio anymore.

    I tried open broadcaster, works like a charm

    Now I should look for a simple editor, capable of using .mp4
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  5. so problem was with camstudio?

    a free simple multitrack editor that supports many formats including mp4 would be aviutl

    if you just need simple cuts, you can look at avidemux
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