Hello All,

The lab on my college campus that I am working on has an EVO-9850 Hi8 videocassette recorder that we were told works. One of the people here was tasked on getting it up and running and they ended up pulling it apart when the player wouldn't give them back the Hi8 tape (the tape had information on it apparently, not sure why a blank one wasn't used). The data on the tapes is, from what I've been told so far, potentially my next project and I am hoping to fix the EVO-9850. There are 3 pieces that were pulled and not put back in correctly after. I know where 2 of them go, but not sure as to the third.

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Above are the 3 pieces that I wish to put back into the player and get it working again. I know that the metal piece with two small holes goes on the large black piece with the white gear, I just need to find a screw and nut in the lab small enough to attach it back. And from some low res pictures I've seen, I know roughly where it goes inside the tape tray, but I'm just not exactly sure how it fits in as I was not there when it was taken apart.

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From what I can tell, the small white gear on the black piece should be hitting the larger white gear on the bottom left of the picture. This is of course based off of low res pictures that I've seen of the interior of the machine that were not specifically aimed at the tape tray, so it's possible that it just looks to be the case and that it is something completely different.

As for the small piece with the metal circle and the plastic hook, I am completely clueless as to where it fits in, however I'm assuming it is also from the tape tray, as the person who took it apart said they only removed things necessary to get the Hi8 tape out of the machine.

I've looked for potential repair manuals online and have found none so I am hoping that someone here can help me, as a few people have talked about EVO-9850's and their problems with them on these forums.