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  1. Hi
    I have been trying various ways of getting my VHS tapes onto DVD.

    My son has an elgato game capture device. I bought a scart to component lead, which I connect between the VHS ( 6 head in am hifi) and elgato adapter lead, into the mini av port on the elgato device...unfortunately I get a no signal error on the computer....

    I also have a scart to composite lead, I believe I connect the yellow composite lead to the yellow on the elgato,lead......this got no signal either, but as the scart has an in and out switch, it may have been the wrong way around.....will try again soon..

    My question is, should there be any difference in quality....scart to component Vs scart to composite ?

    Obviously I want to capture the VHS at the best quality possible.

    Secondly.....there is available scart to hdmi with upscaler.....if I get a decent one ( any ideas ..) then would this be my best option to feed to the elgato game capture unit.....I know the elgato captures compressed video, but as I understand it, it upscales up to 1080i......and it has software to edit the compressed video, which appears to work well....then I would burn this to DVD. Using XTODVD maybe.

    Would really appreciate any comments

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    There is no reason why that Elgato thing shouldn't work for you(according to what i read on their web site). It will record in VHS "size" (720x576 for UK), but you will get H264 vs. MPEG2.....not a BAD thing.

    I'd check the software settings to make sure it is set to see 720x576.
    Forget the silly upscaler cable idea(if one even exists).....that is the LAST thing I would do.
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